Give Your Insurance Company the Information They Require

Give Your Insurance Company the Information They Require

Schedule a four-point inspection in the Lincoln, NE area

Turn to Atlas Home Inspections, LLC if you own an older home and need a four-point inspection to obtain insurance coverage. Our inspector relies on extensive experience to carefully examine your electrical system, HVAC unit, water heater and roof. You’ll receive a comprehensive report once your inspection is complete.

Call Atlas Home Inspections at 402-890-5043 to schedule an appointment.

Are you sure your older home is safe?

Be certain that the roof, electrical components, HVAC system and hot water heater are structurally and functionally sound with a four-point inspection from Atlas Home Inspections.

We’re dedicated to becoming the inspection company of choice in and around Lincoln, NE. Book a four-point inspection with Atlas Home Inspections, LLC today.

You can also count on us for termite inspections, pre-purchase inspections and prelisting inspections in Lancaster, Saline and Seward counties.